Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach

Our vision : application landscape, concept and structure

IT environment

IT environment

In order to get a complete vision, information system should be addressed globally. Indeed, even if it is based on applications, it is not possible to recap it only to them.
The component parts for an IT environment are :

  • Infrastructure : physical / soft,
  • Database system(s),
  • Then the applications.

Although application layer is the main objective of our actions, system layers (infrastructure and databases) are took into account.

Information system System

Information system

The aim of this should be to procure relevant information to a user when he needs it. Therefore, the information has to be correct and directly exploitable. More generally, an information system should permit : o Information centralisation, o Process standardization, o Work focus on analysis and control, o In / out operations control, o Information consolidation, o To assure the information availability, o To secure data. Lastly : its efficiency and its evolution are based on computing policies and strategies.


Data management

Information system conception by IDM Systems is built along 3 axes :

  • 1. Storage and preservation
  • 2. Processing
  • 3. Data exploitation


Storage and preservation

Company data represent its history, its knowledge database, a part of its knowhow and allows it to work. This is why this « storage » topic is crucial. This is also why we consider very important backups and availability systems.

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